Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Look At ED Miracle Shake Claims

We're not buying Tom Bradford's ED Miracle program and here's why.
Screen grab of, taken 06-01-2016.
Few markets in "natural" health are more vulnerable to scam products than the area covering men's sexual health. Today I'd like to look at Tom Bradford's ED Miracle "training course" and share my initial impressions of it.

What Bradford has done here is very slick but he also retreads some very familiar, and in my opinion, hurtful and exploitive territory. 

It's slick in that he has successfully filled the first pages of search engine returns with links to positive "reviews" of the system or links to his own websites. Even the Yahoo! Finance article on ED Miracle is nothing but a commercial press release with a link to one of the program's official websites.

But in an effort to part you from your $57, ED Miracle also falls back on the same old fear mongering we've seen other ED remedies use. Just from the promotional video alone, men will "learn":
  • The only way to please a woman is with your penis.
  • If you can't please your woman, she will cheat on you.
  • If you can't please your woman, your marriage will collapse.
  • If your penis doesn't work you're not a man.
  • Pharmaceuticals are just a "band aid".
And, of course, there are the more general claims that we often see with "natural" remedies:
  • Big Pharma is suppressing information about legit herbal remedies and "enslaving" you.
  • This product contains ingredients you've never even heard of.
  • This system is "the first real treatment to ED ever released in history".
There's a story about a man whose wife left him but came back after he successfully self-treated with ED Miracle . . . you get the idea.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical issue and men who suffer from it deserve sensitivity and respect. It is NOT a one-diagnosis-fits-all condition. I hope Bradford's program helps the men who buy into it; I won't be steering the men I know toward it.

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