Lisa Barger

Lisa Barger, Novelist

Thank you for stopping by. This is the part of my website where I'm supposed to pretend I'm someone else and talk up my accomplishments. But you didn't come here for some pretentious press release, did you?

Let's start again.

My name is Lisa Barger and I am a full-time novelist, writing exclusively for Amazon's Kindle Vella. I'm also the author of 3 full-length novels and, thanks to my years as a medical blogger, thousands of health news articles.

These day I focus on 2 fiction genres--fantasy/adventures for young teens and small-town, light mysteries for adults. Some of my better-known Vella serials are A Cop, His Shrink And The Midtown Mysteries and the teen-oriented Fight for Vanidestine.

You can read more of my work here.


May I send you excerpts, first looks, behind-the-scenes and more?

"The next time someone makes fun of the movie, book or song you like, remember, we didn't make it for them." Lisa Barger