Lisa Barger

Lisa Barger

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For more than 16 years you trusted me to bring you the health news you needed to make informed choices about the products you use every day. Tainted pet foods, unsafe baby items, dangerous supplements, contaminated foods, nursing home abuse, unlicensed quacks . . . we covered it all. No topic was off-limits and no health issue was too taboo.

The Internet has changed a lot since then. Today, most people prefer to get their news in tweet-sized nibbles or through social media infographics. And so my time as a syndicated news blogger has come to an end. Thank you so very much for your support.

I wish you health,


PS: "It's YOUR health. Don't leave it up to someone else."

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With updates from LBP authors Darby Rede Shriner, Lisa Adcock and Honorine de Smet.