Medical Grade Skincare - Is It, Really?

Sales pitches for "cosmeceuticals" and "medical grade" or "professional" skincare products are everywhere these days. But are these products really any better than drugstore or department store brands? Or is "medical grade" just another overhyped marketing term, like "therapeutic grade" aromatherapy?

Let's Define "Cosmetics"When you hear the word "cosmetics" do you think of eye shadow, lipstick and mascara? If you do, you're not alone. And when you think "toiletries" you probably picture shaving creams, shampoo and perfumes.
But under current US law, all these things are considered cosmetics--assuming they're not marketed to affect the structure of the body. Claims like "cleanse", "deodorize" and "enhance" are examples the FDA uses to demonstrate marketing jargon treated as cosmetic claims.
Skincare items like makeup removers, toners, serums and moisturizers are typic…

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