'Poop Dermatitis' Linked to Fancy Toilet Seats

What is poop dermatitis?
What Is 'Poop Dermatitis'?

A new study published first online at the web site for the journal Pediatrics finds that parents who add fancy toilet seats and lids made of exotic woods may be putting their children at risk for contact dermatitis.

This study was prompted when doctors at Johns Hopkins were presented with 5 cases of contact dermatitis appearing on the buttocks and thighs of children. After an exhaustive interview process the doctors eventually linked the dermatitis to industrial-strength cleaning products used in schools and the lacquers, paints and varnishes used on exotic wooden toilet seats that many homeowners are now choosing for their home bathrooms.

And despite the somewhat humorous treatment this study is getting in the media--the Washington Post actually called it "poop dermatitis"--the potential complications the children could have experienced is anything but funny. Two of the children contracted bacterial infections in addition to their rashes.

Fortunately, the "cure" for toilet seat dermatitis is simple. Simply switching back to a plain old plastic toilet lid at home helped many of the children and they were also counseled on the importance of using the disposable paper toilet seat covers that most schools now provide.

With proper medical care, all the children profiled in this study were able to resolve their dermatitis.