Danielle Morin Sues Teething Necklace Distributor & Etsy

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago little Deacon Morin died after, investigators say, the amber teething necklace his mother allowed him to wear caught on something, strangling the toddler as he napped at his daycare. Now, Deacon's mother, Danielle, is suing craft website Etsy for selling the jewelry to a family friend.

Morin, who uses the name Dani Elaine on Facebook, confirmed news of the suit in a post yesterday.
Facebook post announcing lawsuit over Amber teething jewelry.
Dani Morin's Facebook post announcing her lawsuit against Etsy over her son's apparent strangulation with an amber teething necklace.

Morin does not appear to be suing the friend who actually bought the necklace and gave it to Deacon but is suing the website, Etsy, and the company the distributes the items in the U.S.

Child safety advocates have long warned about the sham medical devices, which are widely available through websites like Amazon, Etsy and others. In December the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, issued a formal Safety Communication begging parents and caregivers of infants or special needs individuals not to use them.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that amber beads do anything to reduce fever or treat teething pain. And even "safe" necklaces aren't considered safe.

A 2018 study of amber teething necklaces found that half of them failed to open when scientists applied 15 pounds of force. (It takes only 1.6 pounds to collapse a child's airway.)