The Phantom Of The Opera

For many American film lovers, it is 1925's The Phantom of the Opera that defines horror in the silent film era. Lon Chaney's Erik may not have modern moviegoers fainting as legend says they did when Christine reveals his deformed skeleton-like face, but there's no doubt he holds a special place in horror fans' hearts to this day. The Phantom Of The Opera Synopsis - Spoilers Included The new owners of the Paris Opera House refuse to believe the previous owners' warnings about the holder of box 5--a "phantom of the opera"--even though the phantom's presence is well-known and openly discussed among the opera's performers. The mysterious phantom has eyes that are just "ghastly beads", compared to holes in a grinning skull, explains stagehand Joseph Boquet, who claims to have actually seen the phantom. Over that skull, he continues, is stretched tight yellow skin with only two large holes where his nose should be. Meanwhile, the opera's

The Beast "Male" Supplement From STIFF BOY Recalled - Hidden Sildenafil

 On Monday STIFF BOY announced a recall covering all lot codes of its The Beast “male enhancement” supplement after U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, tests found sildenafil contamination along with the product’s herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Sildenafil, as you probably know, is a prescription-only medication given to men for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.

Image of THE BEAST “male enhancement” supplement captured from STIFF BOY’s website and used under Doctrine of Fair Use.
STIFF BOY's The Beast

In its press release about the recall STIFF BOY acknowledges the contamination but offers no explanation for it. Nor does it say what, if anything, prompted the FDA to test The Beast in the first place.

As of Monday, neither STIFF BOY nor the FDA had logged any reports of anyone taking the product and becoming ill or suffering an injury.

The product was sold online nationwide. STIFF BOY says it is notifying its customers by email. Of course, anyone with any product still on hand should stop using it and take it back to their place of purchase.