ALL Herbal Doctor Remedies Recalled

 Yesterday, Herbal Doctor Remedies announced that it was recalling its entire inventory of herbal remedies. Yes, you read that correctly, the company is recalling every single product that hasn't already expired.

Herbal Doctor Remedies recalls its entire product line.
Some of Herbal Doctor Remedies Products

In its press release announcing the recall, Herbal Doctor Remedies explained that the recall was prompted by the discovery that its products were made without FDA approval and manufactured outside of the agency's Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMPs.

And most of the products are in further trouble because they are marketed for diseases and medical conditions the average person simply cannot self-diagnose or self-treat safely or effectively.

In all, more than 40 products are covered by this recall, covering a variety of medical issues. Anemia, hearing loss, herpes, pain, flu and parasites are just a few of the health conditions supposedly treated by these remedies.

The company says it has received no reports of anyone being injured or sickened by the recalled products. Of course, if you have any of these on hand, you are urged to return them to your place of purchase. You should not, said the company, use them.