'Midwife' Julie Lentz Is Barred - Possible Criminal Charges

Julie Lentz is not, nor has she ever been, as far as anyone can tell, a credentialed, licensed midwife but that didn't stop her from playing one on the internet. And now her lack of medical training has allegedly led to the loss of an unborn child and serious harm to the mother.

Julie Lentz knew she was practicing illegally, say officials, but she continued her midwife practice anyway.
Restraining Order Against Unlicensed "Midwife" Julie Lentz

In 2018 Lentz, in an email to the Medical Licensing Station, acknowledged that what she is doing is illegal but continues to practice as Sacred Lotus Midwifery Services in Chesterton Indiana. She offers her services as a midwife through what she calls "a private membership association" that she apparently believes should offer her protection from the legal ramifications of offering birthing services that the state of Indiana calls "abusive, unfair and deceptive".

She rejects mainstream technology like ultrasound for products like herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies.

Injunction against fake midwife Julie Lentz.
Injunction Motion In The Case Of Phony Midwife Julie Lentz

In May Julie Lentz allegedly attended a delivery that followed, according to the client, a pregnancy that was complicated by a host of problems. The unborn baby died before being born and the mother reportedly suffered a serious infection.

In interviews with the press, Porter County Prosecutor Gary Germann says he is looking into have Lentz investigated for potential criminal charges. So far, those possible criminal charges have not materialized.