How To Make Oatmeal In Your Instant Pot

I love oats for breakfast and I especially love the hearty, chewy texture of slow-cooked, steel cut oats. I’m not so fond, though, of the 30 minutes it takes to prepare them. If that sounds like you, let me show you how I make one of my favorite, filling breakfasts, without losing half an hour, chained to a stove-top with a wooden spoon in my hand.

How to pressure cook steel cut oats in an Instant Pot.
Making nutritious, delicious steel-cut oats in your pressure cooker is as simple as a 4-minute cook time and a 10-minute rest.

You will need:
  • Instant Pot
  • Steel Cut Oats (slow-cook type)
  • Filtered Water
You may also wish to have handy:
  • Rolled Oats (instant-cook type)
  • Sugar, Honey or other Sweetener
  • Berries and/or Nuts
There are two ways to make oats in an Instant Pot. One is to use the sauté setting and simply prepare your oats as if you were cooking on a stove-top or in an electric sauce pan. But this method doesn’t free you from the need to return and stir every few minutes. That’s why I prefer to pressure cook mine:
  • Following the serving guide on your oats’ packaging, measure out and add the appropriate amount of oats and water.
  • Set the timer to cook for 4 minutes and close the lid, making sure the pressure relief is in the correct position for pressure cooking.
  • Let your oats cook for 4 minutes and then rest for at least 10. Vent, remove the lid, and give your oats a good stir. Add sweetener, nuts and berries of your choice, let cool, and enjoy.
Following the oats-to-water recommendation on your package may result in too much water left in the finished product. There are 3 things you can do to remedy this:
  • Let your oats cool naturally, stirring the extra water back in every few minutes.
  • Short the amount of water you use by 10-25% in the beginning. You may need to experiment to find your perfect ratio.
  • As soon as you vent, throw in ½ cup or so of quick-cook rolled oats and stir them well.
Any of these methods should be effective but adding a handful of rolled oats is my favorite. This will smooth out the texture in a way that might make your steel-cut oats a bit more pleasant to anyone in your family who isn’t fond of the firm, chewy feeling of steel cuts.

A hot and hearty breakfast is it easy as throwing steel cut oats and some tap water into your Instant Pot.
Oats make a healthy, hearty breakfast you can fix in your pressure cooker.