Octonauts - Marine Science For Very Young Children

If your child or grandchild loves animals, introduce them to the Octonauts and let this intrepid crew of underwater explorers show them real-life creatures like narwhals, tube worms and tree lobsters. You'll visit a kelp forest, a hidden red lake and even a mud volcano.

Octonauts will introduce your young ones to fish and marine animals.
Take your child on an undersea adventure with the Octonauts and meet grouper fish, snot sea cucumbers and a coelacanth.

Like the other shows I love for very young kids, Octonauts is one of those rare television shows that is unflinchingly child-centered but manages to also be perfectly watchable, and perhaps even educational, for adults.

I believe its greatest strength, though, is the show's handling of the topic of climate change. Our oceans are changing and Octonauts doesn't sugarcoat that. But it never fear mongers or guilt-trips children with the message, either.

Look for Captain Barnacles and the rest of the Octonauts on streaming services like Netflix.