Absonutrix Gets Its Second FDA Warning Letter In Two Years

For the second time in just over 2 years the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has made public a formal warning letter to supplement company Absonutrix and its owner, Himanshu Nautiyal.
Case # 583992 Absonutrix
FDA Warning Letter To Absonutrix.

From the letter, which is dated August 26, 2019, we learn that FDA inspectors paid a visit to the company's manufacturing facility back in March. While there, they reportedly collected labels of various products.

As a result of that inspection Absonutrix stands accused of what the agency refers to as "serious violations" of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. And those alleged violations cause some of the company supplements to be deemed "adulterated" or "misbranded".

The letter is redacted in places so it's hard to know exactly how "misbranded" Absonutrix's products are but at least 3 of them allegedly contain less of their dietary ingredient than their labels claim. Those products are:

  • Absonutrix Uridine 500 mg
  • Absonutrix NAD Power Booster
  • Absonutrix Lions Mane Mushroom Extract

Back in 2017 the FDA warned Himanshu Nautiyal that his website, absonutrix.com, carried non-allowed drug claims for more than a dozen products. In a response letter, Nautiyal's attorney said the non-allowed claims had been removed from the website.
Himanshu Nautiyal warning from FDA
2017 Warning Letter To Absonutrix.

If Absonutrix has responded to the 2019 warning, that information has not been made public.


Unknown said…

I have had MANY many issues with this factory. They are a disorganized factory. Not only do they not follow the development timelines they advertise, the end products you pay to be shipped comes damaged, dented, or labels destroyed!
Who even knows if what ingredients they use inside the products are authentic unless you test them yourself for quality & control.
My experience was horrible.
I hope no small business owner has to deal with this mess of an investment.
-Lisa J W