Instant Pot Recall - The TRUTH Behind The Social Media Hysteria

When a friend shared news this afternoon of another recall covering Instant Pot cookers I was puzzled. But as I began to dig into the story I discovered not a recall but a half-truth wrapped in a good bit of hysteria, all, apparently, intended to drive traffic from social media to a blog filled with ads for everything from do-it-yourself diabetes remedies to "sexy Asian women" in your town.

Here's the truth behind the Instant Pot recall you're seeing in your social media streams:

On March 01, 2019, Double Insight recalled more than 100,000 of its Instant Pot Gem 65 8-in-1 multicookers sold at Wal-Mart as recently as January 2019. These were cookers that stewed, roasted and slow-cooked food--they were not the pressure cookers most of us think of when we see the name "Instant Pot".
The Instant Pot recall hoax.
This is the Gem 65 multicooker that was recalled in January. It is not a pressure cooker and none exploded.

The cookers were recalled after the company received more than 100 reports of units overheating. No injuries were reported but 5 instances resulted in what the company characterized as "minor property damage".

Here's where things get . . . interesting. More than 4 months after the recall was announced the website wrote a very deceptive article on the recall, calling the cookers "a deadly fire hazard" that "could burst into flames". The article also claimed, apparently falsely, that the cookers could explode. The author included 2 pictures of Instant Pot pressure cookers but no photos of the multicooker that was actually the target of the recall:
Screengrab from, showing the wrong product.

Why would a blogger wait months to cover a recall? And why couldn't they be bothered to get an accurate photo from the company or the CPSC? I don't know but that's the truth behind the recalled Instant Pot hoax that is, for some reason, making the rounds of social media again.


John Warner said…
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