Mero Macho Recall - Drug Tampering Found

Earlier this week Fitoterapia USA Inc., announced that it is recalling 19,000 bottles of its Mero Macho "supplement" for men after tests ordered by the US Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, found tadalafil in it. Tadalafil is, of course, supposed to be sold by prescription only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
Mero Macho "male supplement" is recalled after a drug is found in it.

As of the time of the press release the company claimed that it had received no reports of anyone using the supplement and being injured. But, as always, the fear is that men may use Mero Macho believing it to be a safe, natural supplement when in fact, the drug hidden in it can react with medications often prescribed to men who suffer from ED.

Such an interaction could, potentially, say doctors, result in a sudden and dangerous drop in blood pressure.

If you think you might have any of the recalled product look for:

  • Macho Artificial Passion Fruit Favored Vitamin C Liquid Supplement
The following lot codes are covered in this recall:
  • ZD-160-18 EXP: 09-07-2019
  • ZD-078-19 EXP: 27-04-2020
  • ZD-159-17 EXP: 31-05-2018. 

Fitoterapia did not supply a photo.
Drug adulteration prompts recall of Mero Macho.
Screenshot of recalled Mero Macho taken from an archive of by Lisa Barger.

It is not known what, if anything, prompted FDA investigators to test the product.