Privacy International Accuses Period-Tracking Apps Of Sharing Intimate Info

In a follow-up to its 2018 report on apps sharing users' private information with Facebook, Privacy International said yesterday that certain menstruation-tracking apps appear to be sharing intimate info with the social media giant and other companies. And if you use the apps to track your sexual activity, that info potentially includes when you last had sex and whether or not you used contraception.

Image Credit: Markus Spiske
Your intimate health info is being shared. Are you OK with that?

These apps collect and pass along a variety of user-entered info like sexual activity, whether that activity was safe sex and whether the user is trying to prevent pregnancy or conceive.

In the case of one app, the app starts sharing info about you the moment you open it--before new users even have the opportunity to agree to (or even read) the app's privacy policy.

Many apps also share info even if you're not a Facebook user.

That some apps and websites are sharing your private information with Facebook is not news. In fact, any website that has a Facebook integration could potentially share your information with the social media giant.

But the type of data that menstruation-tracking apps are sharing is personal info that most of us would not share even with a close friend. We certainly wouldn't want to share it with strangers.

And we definitely would not want our intimate health information exploited by companies looking to target us for ads.


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