Rabies Found In Birmingham, Michigan Cat

Rabid kitten found.
Michigan health officials find rabies in a kitten.

Health officials in Birmingham, Michigan are again reminding pet owners to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. This reminder comes on the heels of a confirmed case of rabies in a cat from Birmingham.

The agency also advises people to stay away from wild animals like skunks, foxes and raccoons. You should also stay away from stray cats and dogs, they added.

So far this year Oakland County has seen rabies in:

  • 4 bats 
  • 11 skunks
  • 1 cat
The press release, which was issued on Friday, did not say whether the family who lived with the cat had to be treated for exposure to the virus.

In the US, rabies in humans is extremely rare. And while it is almost always fatal in humans it is almost completely preventable through vaccination.

In May the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, issued a formal Notice of Temporary Suspension on dogs coming into the US from Egypt. The policy was implemented after 3 dogs from Egypt were found to be rabid in recent years.