Up2 "Supplement" Recalled - Drug Tainting

Up2 claims to be a dietary supplement but really is just another drug tainted libido product.
Up2 "Natural" Libido Supplement Recall

It is peddled as an all-natural libido enhancer for both men and women. It promises to increase your sex drive, rev up your libido, and reduce depression and fatigue--among other things. In reality, though, Up2 is just another drug-tainted product with the power to seriously injure people who take it.

In its press release, Med Man Distribution announced a recall covering all lot codes of Up2 and acknowledged the presence of sildenafil in it. Sildenafil, of course, is a prescription-only medication prescribed for erectile dysfunction.

The drug tampering was discovered by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. It is not known what, if anything, put Up2 in the FDA's line of sight.

The company says it has received no complaints of illness being blamed on Up2 but the fear is that anyone taking it could suffer a life-threatening drop in blood pressure, especially if they were already taking certain other medications.

Up2 is packaged in various package sizes. All packages and all lot codes are covered by this recall.