Mark Anthony Dodd - 29 Felony Counts For Health Fraud & More

Health fraud and more earn Marc Dodd a shot at life behind bars.
Mark Anthony Dodd is charged with 29 felony counts.

Michigan's Attorney General, Dana Nessel, announced yesterday that a 53-year-old Detroit man had been charged with 29 felony counts related to food stamp fraud, forgery, Medicaid fraud and more.

In the press release announcing the charges the agency identified the man as Marc Anthony Dodd of Detroit. Dodd apparently also goes by the names Mack Dodd and Marco Jones. He is charged with:

  • False Pretenses Over $1000 - 3 counts
  • Food Stamp Fraud - 8 counts
  • Using A Computer To Commit Crime - 5 counts
  • Delivery Of A Controlled Substance Prescription Form - 2 counts
  • Obtaining A Controlled Substance By Fraud - 3 counts
  • Forgery - 3 counts
  • Medicaid Fraud - 5 counts
Dodd is charged as a Fourth Habitual Offender, says Nessel, and will serve life in prison if he is convicted. He is currently serving a sentence for an alleged probation violation in another case.

The agency did not put a dollar amount on Dodd's alleged crimes but says that its Office of Inspector General had saved taxpayers more than $237 million in 2018.
Photo Credit: Wesley Tingey