J and L Grocery Closed For Filth – Dead Animals & More

Back in September and October of 2018 inspectors with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, paid a visit to James White’s J and L Grocery in Alma, Arkansas. They found, said then-FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, “widespread insanitary conditions”. The inspection appears to have been prompted by multiple complaints of what the FDA characterized as “adverse events” linked to foodstuffs purchased at the grocery.

J&L Grocery closed for filth.
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Some of the “alarming” conditions inspectors say they found included:

  • Live and dead rodents
  • Rodent nests
  • Live racoons
  • Live cats
  • A dead possum
  • Animal feces
  • Urine-stained products

The agency issued two Administrative Detention Orders for products in plastic, paper or cardboard packaging. A month later the U.S. Marshals Service conducted a seizure of all products the FDA had jurisdiction over.

The Consent Decree

On Thursday, the FDA revealed that it had successfully sought a legal action against White and the store’s manager, Lori Layne. Until White and Layne are in full compliance with FDA regulations for food and over-the-counter medicines, they are barred from selling anything.

As far as I can tell, neither James White nor Lori Layne have spoken publicly about the decree. The FDA has not explained how many “adverse events” are being blamed on contaminated products or how serious those events were.