The Phantom Of The Opera

For many American film lovers, it is 1925's The Phantom of the Opera that defines horror in the silent film era. Lon Chaney's Erik may not have modern moviegoers fainting as legend says they did when Christine reveals his deformed skeleton-like face, but there's no doubt he holds a special place in horror fans' hearts to this day. The Phantom Of The Opera Synopsis - Spoilers Included The new owners of the Paris Opera House refuse to believe the previous owners' warnings about the holder of box 5--a "phantom of the opera"--even though the phantom's presence is well-known and openly discussed among the opera's performers. The mysterious phantom has eyes that are just "ghastly beads", compared to holes in a grinning skull, explains stagehand Joseph Boquet, who claims to have actually seen the phantom. Over that skull, he continues, is stretched tight yellow skin with only two large holes where his nose should be. Meanwhile, the opera's

Classic Horror Films For Halloween

For years now I've scaled back my work each August to work on a passion project--a novel, a niche website . . . you name it. In 2016 that passion project was a re-watching and review of some of the most important horror films in the history of worldwide cinema.

Lisa Barger Reviews Silent And Classic Horror Films
Silent And Classic Films

Now, this isn't a countdown. After all, how can you possibly compare a century-old art film to a modern mega-budget slasher? I don't think you can and I'm not even going to try. In fact, I'm not even going to rank these movies within their own decades.

Instead, I have chosen to share my own personal thoughts on 15 films that changed the horror genre forever--and in some cases, changed the whole of cinema forever while they were at it. I've chosen films that altered or even defined how we look at vampires, werewolves, zombies and ghosts. These films are the ones that planted roots that still manage to work their way into our nightmares generations later.

Each film is, in my opinion, a must-see because each film on this list mattered. To make it onto this list:

  • Each film had to be available to the public, either online or through a mainstream retailer. (Many of the older films on the list are actually available for free at websites that archive old music, books and movies.)
  • Each film had to be what most of us would consider full-length, or pretty close to it.
  • And each film had to tell a complete story.

I hope you'll discover some hidden gems here and perhaps even re-discover some old forgotten favorites. And I hope you'll weigh in with your thoughts about the films that mattered to you. too.

It all begins tomorrow, with a look at a silent horror film that is universally lauded as the German Expressionist film--and the first film in any genre to offer its audience a twist ending. (Do you know what it is?)



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