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Professional Book Reviews

Professional Book Reviews By An Author For Authors

We Welcome Book Submissons From New Writers

New Authors Welcome

Every author was an emerging author once. I don't promise I'll love your book but I'll give you a  fair and honest review. 

Self-Published Is OK, Too

Self-published authors face a certain ... is stigma the word I'm going for here?  Okay. Self-publishing invites a certain stigma. But why? Self-pubbers may not have the publicity machines or production budgets of Big 5 authors but that doesn't mean their books are lesser quality. And I should know. Most of  my novels are self-published or hybrid publishehd.

And 'Zon-Exclusives

Is your book an eBook available only through Amazon's Kindle platform? Welcome!

All books are important and worthy of a professional review. (We all start somewhere.)

Let me give your book a look and, maybe, give you some feedback to make your work even stronger.

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