House Of Secrets

House Of Secrets

A Small-Town Crime Novelette

Police chief Ashley Thomas grew up hearing all about the Laurent family.

How Old Mr. Laurent and his son were the primary suspects in a murder investigation.

How the entire family disappeared in the middle of the night.

How most of the family died in an automobile accident in Belize.

And how ruthless and vicious Mrs. Laurent could be to her political opponents.

Now, 40 years later, one of the Laurents has returned to take ownership of the old house and it becomes Ashley's job to keep her safe from an unknown foe.

Together, they will forge a fragile friendship as they fight an unspeakable evil and the long shadows of their families' pasts.

House of Secrets is a 25-part serialized novelette for Kindle Vella. You can read the first 3 parts for FREE: