My name is Lisa Barger. And if that sounds familiar to you, it's possible that you've read one of the thousands of news articles I've written over the years.

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Lisa Barger
Although I'm far better known these days for my skeptical work on herbal remedies and alternative medicine, I began as a Master Herbalist. But as I began to study more formally I found that more and more of what I was "learning" didn't connect with what I already knew about biology, anatomy and chemistry. I just couldn't make homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and colon "cleansing" make sense.

Nor could I make sense of my fellow herbalists hawking supplements they knew were bogus--or at least unproven. I spent a couple of years trying to bring a dose of critical thinking to the table but, pretty quickly, I realized that I had made a terrible (and not inexpensive) mistake. Clearly I didn't belong in "natural" medicine and no one was going to miss me when I left.

So, I took the word "naturopath" off my business cards and returned to my first love--writing. Years later I am the primary writer at a 6-site blogging network covering food safety, infant product recalls and, yes, research on herbal remedies. (And without paid posts or "sponsored" reviews.)

I am also the author of books like Dangerous Aromatherapy, 10 Lies Your Herbalist Told You and the definitive book on lavender essential oil.

I still believe that herbal medicines are real medicines but I believe they must tested with a critical eye. If you agree, pull up a chair. I'd love to have you at my table.