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Happy Anniversary To Me And Blacke Harbor

Updated: Jun 20

Today marks the 5th anniversary of that hot August day back in 2010 when I sat down and began what would eventually become my first published novel, Blacke Harbor. So this day seems as fitting as any other to turn the blogging faucet back on. Here's to a happy, healthy and (most of all) productive rest-of-the-year. For all of us.

The road that led me to begin Blacke Harbor was not an easy one. As anyone who's ever charted a new career path can attest, there were days when it seemed as though the entire universe was conspiring against me and my attempt to return to fiction writing.

But return, I did.

On that day I wrote a little less than two pages; the next day saw nearly double that. On August 30th, I had just over 38,000 words, a completed story and a deep, deep sense of satisfaction. It was my first finished piece of fiction in more than twenty years and by far the longest I had ever written. The prose was clunky and the story rambled, but it was a story.

It took nearly another entire year to publish Blacke Harbor and what got published ultimately bore little resemblance to that first manuscript, but, for me, August 06, 2010, will always be the day I cherish. For, in my mind, that was the day I rebooted my fiction career.

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