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Jason's Story Is Complete

Updated: Jun 20

Today I send a giant “Thank you!” to everyone who has followed along with Police Captain Jason Hayes and his story, No Matter Where You Go. After 25 episodes, his case is closed.

Jason Hayes - From Germinal Idea To Completed Novelette

Jason’s story was one of my Day-One projects for Kindle Vella when it launched back in April of 2011. Serialized fiction was a new direction for me, and on more than one occasion, I felt a bit like a rudderless ship.

But Jason’s story was not going to be left untold and, yesterday, I submitted Part 25 to Vella and ticked the “Complete” box.

Thank You!

“Thank you,” to everyone who followed Jason’s journey. And I send a special nod of appreciation to those readers who took a moment to hit that all-important “Follow” button on the story page or the “Thumbs up” icon at the end of each story part.

Wishing You A Happy, Healthy Autumn.

September brings change and that’s true for me, too. So as 2022’s long, sweltering summer gives way to a gentler fall, I wish you health, happiness, and peace. Be well; stay safe. ~ Lisa

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This post was first published in the newsletter Push Pins And Index Cards.

Novelist Lisa Barger authors the serialized novelette No Matter Where You Go for Kindle Vella in 2022.
No Matter Where You Go by Novelist Lisa Barger

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